An All-Terrain Vehicle is designed and built every year by the undergrads of IIT Roorkee for safe subjugation of extreme pathways. This year the vehicle was unveiled on January 9 and a live demonstration on a track prepared outside the MAC Auditorium was also performed. The event was graced by Prof. Ajit K. Chaturvedi, Director, IITR in presence of Prof. B.K. Gandhi, Head MIED and faculty advisors Prof. Akshay Dvivedi and Prof. Arup Kumar Das of MIED.

Team Knox informed that NIITRO is the latest addition as a top-class ATV. It is powered by 10 horsepower engine. This car has an inboard braking system for the first time. It goes from 0 to 60 in 5 seconds and has a ground clearance of 14 inch. It can climb a steep slope of upto 50°. It has turning radius of 2.5m and a braking distance of 4m. The weight of NIITRO is only 160 Kg. Vehicle was designed and built by the official off-road racing team of the Institute called KNOx. Furthermore, KNOx is going to represent the Institute in BAJA SAE India this year on 22-26 January, 2020.

Prof Chaturvedi said, “We are proud of our students who have built an all terrain vehicle. We hope our students will come out with flying colors in BAJA SAE, a national level competition”