Australian primary school Maths e-learning platform Matific forays into India with flagship solution Matific Galaxy

Matific, an online Maths resource for kids from primary to Grade 6, has ventured into the burgeoning ed-tech market in India, especially in light of the ongoing COVID-19 health crisis and virtual learning needs. To address the gap in teaching Maths, Matific has launched its award-winning solution Matific Galaxy, for the India home market. 

Matific Galaxy features hundreds of engaging maths activities aligned with school curriculums of ICSE, CBSE boards. Matific’s home product aims to provide a solution to conventional home-schooling and ensure that kids are well prepared for the future and up to pace until the lockdown period ends. This top-rated app features hundreds of fun maths games covering maths skills from kindergarten through sixth grade. It is priced at INR 210 per month and is available both on Google Play and App Store,

The company claims Matific Galaxy is backed by extensive research and designed by senior mathematics professors and curriculum experts, making it the most comprehensive online mathematics resource.