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Category Archives: Spotlight

Chemistry is in every one, & in everything that we do: Dr. A. Ajayaghosh, Director, NIIST

If relationships are strong, then it is considered that the chemistry between two people is working.  Chemistry is in everything that we do.  It is in each one of us….

SPOTLIGHT: “How summer schools can give children an inside edge”

Summer holidays at school have thrown open a vast array of opportunities for “Summer Schools”. In an overly competitive international environment, these courses have gained popularity world-wide offering innovative academic…

EXAM SEASON SPECIAL:Taming the ‘killer’ stress

In the past few years, psychological as well physiological disorders linked to increased Mental Stress levels in the run up (preparation) to exams and during the  exam periods, has emerged…

World Education Forum 2015, Incheon: New Education Agenda 2015-2030 on Menu

At the UNESCO’s World Education Forum 2015, the representatives of the Member States, Heads of International Organizations, and the representatives of Civil Society and Private Organizations are gathering to adopt…