Children’s Day gift: 15 lakh one-year free licenses to GENEO content for schools

 GENEO, an NCERT based digital learning platform of Schoolnet India Limited, has announced one-year free licenses to all the schools in the country with full access to its content in three subjects- Science, Maths and English, for teachers of classes from 6 to 10. The registration link ( will be made available from Children’s Day, November 14, for a month. The proposition is worth INR 25,000 for each school. A second such license will have to be paid by the school.

“The idea is to democratize education by providing easy access to quality multi-sensory learning material. The nation accounts for about 15 lakh schools and the offer is open to all. The endeavor is to empower the educators and learners by connecting them to the new-age teaching learning methods and tools for better efficiency”, said Shourie Chatterji, Head of Digital Initiatives, Schoolnet India Limited.