Dr Krishna Sakshena writes her 9th book, released by union minister Rajnath Singh

With her latest bookA bouquet of flowers’, Lucknow’s famous English Professor Dr Krishna Saksena, has now nine books to her credit in her writing career.  She is known as the first woman PhD from the city of Lucknow in 1955.

Union minister of Defence, Rajnath Singh, who is also a Member of Parliament from Lucknow was the right person to release her at his official residence in New Delhi. Speaking on the occasion, the minister said, “We have often heard there is no age limit to learning and writing, and if anybody has lived this quote in spirit and in letter, it is Dr. Krishna Saksena. With her book, Dr. Saksena has proved that age is just a number. And I can say with complete faith that in her book one shall find morals spread across three generations that are relevant till date. The most inspiring aspect about Dr. Krishna Saksena is that she continues to write out of passion even at this age. Her life continues to be as inspiring as her books.”

Speaking about the book, a series of anecdotes that allow the reader to extract the moral of the stories, rather than a didactic imposition of her views,  Dr. Saksena says, “The book has been designed to allow the readers to travel their own journey and arrive at their own very personal realization and be inspired by it. I hope the readers enjoy the book and relate with it.”