IIDE conducts Webinars for Teachers & Principals on EdTech

Given that the Indian teaching industry is certain that all courses have to be shifted online for the coming academic year (June 2020); there is an unprecedented need to digitize. For this very reason, The Indian Institute of Digital Education (IIDE) brought 340 principals and approximately 2500 teachers of Mumbai’s colleges live online together few days ago.

 The webinars covered the following essential topics:

– Best tools to teach online

– Best tools to manage students

– Best practices for presentations

– Best practices for assessing students online

– How to make e-content in the process

The webinars took the teachers and principals through a series of available/lowcost/ free of cost tools that they can implement and hence digitize their schools in the short term. For example, there is a student management software called CANVAS – which is used by Harvard University and its FREE. You can make groups of your students, give them study material, assign lectures, take exams, assess their PPTs and give marks online, mark their marksheets online – all in 1 portal – which is free. At the end of the webinars, both teachers and principals felt relieved that there are such free tools and how easy it can be to manage students online.