IIT Roorkee launches a Global Network of IIT Roorkee Alumni

IIT Roorkee is launching a Global Network of IIT Roorkee Alumni to establish an extensive connect with its large number of alumni spread all over the world. It will fulfill a longstanding need of the institute and its alumni for a comprehensive and accurate alumni database. The Global Network of IIT Roorkee Alumni will be run by alumni volunteers.

 The Network will contribute in keeping alive the heritage and legacy of Thomason College of Civil Engineering to University of Roorkee and now IIT Roorkee. It would blend the old and new generations of alumni of this unique institute with a glorious history since 1847.

Among the privileges that nembers will have include opportunities to participate and contribute to schemes such as student mentorship programs, internships, and other activities of the institute. Members will also have a single window for connecting to a Dean, a Head of department / centre, a faculty specialising in a particular area or an office in the institute.

 Commenting on this new lanuch, Prof Ajit Chaturvedi Director IIT Roorkee said, “In this digital age, there is a paradigm shift in relation to social and professional networking. Information technology has raised expectations of alumni and students for a flat and efficient platform instead of a hierarchical and bureaucratic process. They want to connect seamlessly with each other and with the institute too.”

He further added, “This will probably be the first network of its kind in the country. We believe it has the potential to be replicated in other academic institutions.”