Online classes for MBBS students valid: National Medical Commission

The online theory classes for MBBS students will continue as per National Medical Commission’s circular. This was clarified by the National Medical Commission stating that in view of COVID-19 pandemic, online classes are valid and are approved for teaching during the current pandemic situation. 

A release from National Medical Commission to Dean/ Principal of All Medical Colleges/Institutions stated: “Attention of National Medical Commission has been drawn to some media reports that online classes for teaching of MBBS curriculum were not approved by erstwhile MCI. In this regard, it is clarified that in view of Pandemic COVID-19 the Medical Colleges/Institutions in India are conducting online theory classes for MBBS students. Online classes are valid and were approved for teaching during the current Pandemic COVID-19 only. Such online theory classes are required to be supplemented by practical and clinical training as per the current curriculum in all MBBS subjects in the Colleges/Institutions and affiliated hospitals as and when colleges reopen.”