Parental choice absolutely a factor in online education, value for money and flexibility in plans viewed favorably

The Coronavirus crisis has triggered a discussion about the online education in India. Beyond the traditional digital divide debate, this conversation has moved to ‘phygital’ becoming normal even after pandemic is controlled and schools reopen fully. Technology deployment is universally accepted as an infrastructure imperative and online education is increasingly becoming a field of scientific research from cognitive learning to social behaviors.

In this scenario, a survey of parents is surely a best way to understand how far online education has traveled to grassroots. In this case, Hyderabad-based online education platform, (Back to Basics Learning Solutions)’ carried out a survey to understand online education, its reach and benefits to the students and the parents. The results of the survey carried out representative sample of 10,000 spread across India telephonically found that close to 42% of the parents in the country trust education apps recommended by schools and teachers. And, almost 38% of the them look for value for money while 28% placed an emphasis on course content.

Interestingly, 54% of the parents are aware and are very clear on what to expect from an online or ed-tech company. Another 18% of the parents look for accessibility and convenience. And a whopping 44% make their decision based on the Customer experience provided and the home environment so that their children can easily adapt to the app. 58 % people came to Know about the ed tech player through advertisements while 20% people heard about them through their peers. 

On the basis of geography, online education is a hit in South India where 73% are aware and know their expectations from online education, west India 68%, east 46% and North India only 35%.

The general conclusion of the survey done by Pramanya Strategy consulting for Flowbook is a great scope for online education and the lockdown has especially made the parents and students understand its value. It has also made students more receptive and adapt faster to the online means of education.

Arjun Reddy, CEO, Flowbook said,  “The survey has helped us to understand that India is adopting to the online model of education and the lockdown has somehow provided a benefited experience of the same. The knowledge about the online study model and ed-tech companies is increasing and will benefit the firms. Almost all the current models of education are heavily inclined on Learning and there is no dearth of learning modules or access to information if a kid really wants to learn. This is what Flowbook is doing by connecting a committed and trained adult with the right intent and motivation to shape a child patiently and empathetically one step at a time using academics as a means.”