Pearl Academy introduces two new courses – Media & Communication and Advertising & Marketing

Pearl Academy has introduced two new courses, Media & Communication and Advertising & Marketing, from the academic year beginning July 2018. Both new courses are of three years’ duration. Students will also have the option of a full credit transfer in the final year to Bachelor’s degree at Torrens University, Australia. The courses, designed with future practices in mind, will prepare students for the fast-evolving media and business landscapes.

Ujjwal K Chowdhury, Head, School of Media, said, “With professional diploma coupled with Indian degree and a possibility of a global degree going to Australia in the final year, Pearl has the most cutting edge education suitable for the era of Media convergence.”

Media, Communication and Entertainment domain with a total turnover of around 1.5 lacs crores and engaging nearly a million people directly, according to FICCI Frames annual report of 2017, has been growing at a higher rate than that of GDP of India. The estimates are that this shall be a 50 billion dollar industry engaging nearly 1.8 million skilled people by 2023 and this will need an immense investment in digitally skilled manpower going ahead.