Sal Khan personally hosting livestreams for students navigating school closures due to COVID 19

Khan Academy, US-based free online education platform with over 6500 video lessons and other free educational resources, has come out proactively to ensure hundreds of millions of students can keep learning as COVID-19 pandemic is forcing mass school closures in many countries across the world.

Sal Khan is personally hosting livestreams and answering questions weekdays at noon EST/9am PST (IST is 12 hrs 30 min ahead) on Facebook,  YouTube  and  Twitter for students, parents and teachers navigating school closures. Detailed daily schedules for students ages 4 to 18 that parents, teachers and district administrators can use to keep students learning at home, has been made available.

According to a spokeswoman of Khan Academy in India, “Khan Academy is exploring ways to further support students, parents and teachers. Find all information regarding Khan Academy’s resources on this link.”