Shashank Jain from Gujarat top ranks in global Mental Calculations

Shashank Jain, an 18-year-old of Vapi, Gujarat, has won Gold in Junior Mental Calculations Online Championship in the serniors (under aged 20) category. The Junior Mental Calculation World Championship is held every year in Germany, organized by Caroline Merkel. This year, however, an online championship was held in place of the usual event. This is held within a Zoom call, where participants race against a timer to solve increasingly-challenging mental maths problems. The top scorers compete in a final for the medal positions.

Only 16 competitors aged between 15 and 19 were registered for this competition, so everyone competed in a single round of 27 questions. Some of the questions were much tougher than for the Seniors level, including factorizations of 6-digit numbers and cube roots of 12-digit numbers.

After he bagged the World Record in 2016, Shashank promised himself that this title will always remain with India, and under the guidance of his coach Eusebius Noronha, he started his training for future endeavors.

Son of Sunder Jain and Sangeeta Jain, Shashank scored the highest marks in total, eventually leading the score-board on 20th September 2020.

All the participants had to solve 15 difficult mathematics problems in just a matter of 30 seconds each. The subjects included 10-digit square roots, power, cube roots, decimals to name a few.

Back in 2016, Shashank was recognized as the 6-digit square root World Record Holder with the best score in 61.34 seconds and 8-digit square root World Record Holder with the best score in 85.69 seconds.