The ‘National Education Policy’ spells a long term vision with far-reaching impact: President Kovind

In his Independence Day eve address to the nation, President Ram Nath Kovind said that the youth empowerment is essential for building a strong nation and the ‘National Education Policy’ is a right step in this direction. NEP will be implemented with a view to providing futuristic education to our children and youth.

“It will strengthen the culture of ‘Inclusion’, ‘Innovation’ and ‘Institution’ in the sphere of education “I am confident that with the implementation of this policy, a new quality education system will be developed and this will transform the future challenges into opportunities, paving the way for a New India… It will strengthen the culture of ‘Inclusion’, ‘Innovation’ and ‘Institution’ in the sphere of education,” he said.

 He added that the youth will be able to freely choose their subjects according to their interests and talents as they would have an opportunity to realize their potential. “Our future generations will not only be able to get employment on the strength of such abilities but will also create employment opportunities for others.”

The President talked about the emphasis given to imparting education in the mother tongue.  He said that it will help young minds grow spontaneously and will strengthen Indian languages as well as the unity of the country.