Virtual panel discussion on ‘Copyrights in the Music industry’ on Sunday, 26th April

On the occasion of 20th World Intellectual Property Day, The Indian Performing Right Society Ltd (“IPRS”) in association with Music Plus will be hosting an engaging panel discussion on ‘Copyrights in the Music industry’ on Sunday, 26th April,2020 at 5:00 pm.

The session will be LIVE on Music Plus’s Facebook handle to create awareness about the significance and compliance of copyrights to sustain creativity and uphold the rich cultural heritage of our country. Further, it will emphasize on the indispensable role of IPRS as a Govt. Authorized Copyright Society safeguarding the rights of music creators in this country.

The panelists of the session include, Ameet Datta (Regulatory & Trade Compliance Counsel); Atul Churamani (MD, Turnkey Music & Publishing Pvt. Ltd.), and Manoj Muntashir, lyricist and screenwriter.The panelists will be discussing about Decoding the right meaning of Copyright and its significance in Music, Unveiling the realities related to copyright in the real world, Value of copyright in Music and its role in encouraging creativity and better creators.